Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

24 hour stuff

more stuff needs to be open 24 hours.
powells, barnes and noble, and borders... all close at 11 or midnight.
i want to drive and i want to drive to a bookstore.
but nothing's open.
so what am i suppose to do? sleep? bleh.

i read a review of a book written by a person that had supposedly been translating between english and german for 15 years. her review misused "its" and "it's" several times. *sigh* Well, I guess that says her native language is English. :P

more amusing: opened amazon and it said "Welcome Blythe!" heh. naah, she didn't do any 1-click shopping.

played with KDevelop a bit. pretty neat. too bad i have no time to really get involved with it, or anything.

yeah, guess i'll go to bed.
Tags: lang

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