Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

On boat....

On the boat now docked in Puerto Rico. Plane ride took forever. Alternated between German stuff, programming, and listening to music. Haven't slept yet.

I would have net access in my room but it's modem-based, not ethernet-based, and I left my modem dongle at home. Stupid dongles! :)

But whatever... I can use the computers sprinkled about the ship instead. But I'm not sure if I can read my mail or not.... oh well. I don't like email much anyway. :)

Anyway, I think it's nap time now before stuff starts happening tonight. The boat's still boarding for quite awhile as people's flights get in.

Oh, funniest/suckiest thing: 5 months ago they bumped the drinking age on-board from 18 to 21, which means Ryan can't go drinking or go into the nightclubs. I guess I'm laughing at the irony: last time we went on a cruise I was 2 months away from drinking age (when I was 17 and 10/12 months). Heh.

So I guess I won't be posting day-by-day digital camera pictures now, unless I can find a modem dongle on some Caribbean island. Hah. :)


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