Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

build complete

Making tangible things always makes me feel accomplished, whether it's a wall or a computer.

This computer was fun to build today, ignoring the bloody dick incident and the traffic in the U-District and on Aurora.

I think this is the coolest system I've built ...
  • full tower, with cute lil' feet
  • no PCI cards (lan/video/sound on motherboard)
  • 1 GB memory (max)
  • 240 GB storage (UDMA-66)
  • very quiet, especially when suspended.
  • Frickin' cheap! The most expensive parts were the disks... but you could build a bad-ass computer for $500.
So now I'm going to finish cleaning the room, then take this thing downtown for some 100 Mbps LAN copyin'. This is the off-site (my house) backup machine for LJ, where I'll also test the cluster conversion scripts. I only have to take it downtown to copy the initial 35 GB snapshot, then in the future I only have to download (over cable modem) the compressed binary diffs (xdelta), and the MySQL compressed binlogs, both relatively small daily.
Tags: mysql, tech

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