Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

video loopback

Yesterday I messed around with video loopback stuff again. Things weren't working and I gave up, somewhat dejected. Last night in bed I realized the bug wasn't mine, but the vloopback module's. In fact, it has several bugs: rmmod it and it'll hang the system. :-)

But I have random color static now! Now I just have to connect the two pieces: I already have the image acquistion from the network camera, and now I can feed the video loop input. I just need to get raw pixels from the JPEG now... I suppose ImageMagick can convert to some RAW format for me. Oh, and my JPEG acquire program is in Perl, so I suppose I either need to make the C program which feeds the pipe read from the Perl program, or figure out how to do ioctls with Perl, which is probably easy, but I haven't looked into it and I'm just thinking out loud now.

Hungry again. Damn cruise.
Tags: perl, tech

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