Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

la la

events of the day, past, present and future:
  • lake pretty. flat, calm. i wish i had a rowboat.
  • took car in. noticed a walk/don'twalk sign that had a 30 second countdown. never seen that before.
  • got coffee.
  • caught the 71 bus home .. all the way from downtown to house here. bus routes are all wiggly. i'd prefer transferring between busses often and having all the routes in an efficient tree structure, going between hubs.
  • lots o' programming.
  • kenji made 4-5 burritos but none for me. no love!
  • future: movie tonight?
  • future: hamburger tonight. put out meat to thaw. hamburger is a confusing word: you might think the root of it is "ham", and then you're like: but damnit, it's beef, not ham. but really, it comes from "hamburg", the city. but you probably already knew that.
that is all.

entertain me.

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