Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


went and got my car. all pretty & clean & shiny now.
but i locked myself out of the house.
(thought my pockets felt light leaving the house)
so i drove to different places and walked around to kill tim
then kenji called, and i could come home
i need good movies
i need a VGA extension cable
i need a lot of things
i have a piece of paper on the wall near a pen
i have 4 boxes:
food, buy, learn, do
food is a subset of buy, but a common enough one
so it gets its own box
i put X on tally
going to mount monitor up in corner of room
showing random pictures / effects / misc status info
(see above re: VGA extension cable)
i suggested this idea to travis, but i'm stealing it back
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