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Brad Fitzpatrick

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8 minutes to kill [Jan. 4th, 2002|09:14 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
i was going to make a burger
i went upstairs to get george off the fridge
had to get the fat tray
found the fat tray in the dishwasher
it still had a few small bits of fat in it.
one fell on the floor.
i picked it up.
most disgusting thing ever.
i thought,
this? eat? no.
george may get some/most of it
but that totally grossed me out
it was all slimy and gooey and...
i'm making spaghetti.
spaghetti never did me wrong.
running cluster conv script on 32 GB of real data
this'll be awhile
a damn long while. :-/

[User Picture]From: fallingphoenix
2002-01-05 05:27 am (UTC)
. And greese fat is some stinkey stuff. . . ::shutters::
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