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Brad Fitzpatrick

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More Computer News [Aug. 31st, 1998|10:28 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Well, my computer is just about put together and working. I should get the AWE64 sound card today after work, if they're in. I also need to pick up some audio cables for connecting my CD-ROM drive to my soundcard and an audio patch cable from my DVD-ROM's decoder card to the soundcard. After those two things, all I need to worry about is getting a new monitor. I got the MAG DJ800 19" but I hate it. I might've gotten a defective one or something but for all I can tell it just plain sucks. It's blurry as hell on text and there are little lines all over. I've checked and rechecked my drivers and refresh rates dozens of times but the monitor gimps in all resolutions and refresh rates. Anyway, if you know of a good 19" monitor, let me know!