Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

No mail server

This is the first time in ..... 6, 7, years? Where I haven't had my mail server working for more than ~ 10 minutes.

It's kinda odd.

If you need to urgently contact me, I remember I have my UW CS account that I normally use only to read the blather from the UW CS mailing lists.

After classes I have to go down there again and fix that machine. I was having all sorts of problems last night bringing IP aliases up and down on two different machines. Some ARP thing. But I remembered last night as I fell asleep that I forgot to do my fix-everything trick: pinging the broadcast address. That always seems to teach switches what's up. So at least there's hope for fixing this when I go down there.

I really want to skip my 80 minute environmental geography class today, but it's the first week. :-)

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