Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

not crappy like yesterday morning and i'll tell you why, okay?

It took over 3 hours to fall asleep last night. I saw the clock say 11:46 (yeah, I went to bed early! go me!) but then I also saw it say 2:39.

So you might think: Brad, you must be tired this morning!


I awoke at 8:00 and didn't even pound the snooze button until 8:45 like I've been doing lately. Warum?

Because the house wasn't absolutely freezing!

And to make things better, the Internet still works too.
And I didn't get any bad email.
And there's food in the house, since I went shopping yesterday.
And I don't have my Environment Boreology class today!
But I should work on that paper sometime, anyway.

Yay for starting sentences with conjunctions!

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