Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Great Grandpa Timmins

I was talking to my parents on the phone and my mom mentioned, "Oh, great grandpa Timmins isn't doing too well ... they think he might die this week."

A call came through on the other line. My mom said she'd call me back.

And sure enough, the incoming phone call was news of him just dying. That's kinda weird... that she said it, then seconds later we find out.

He was cool. Always always funny. Blythe and I stopped and visited him on our trip across the country this last summer. He was still funny then. And I guess he was still singing at dinner just the other day.

I never saw him too often (being in Oregon, him being in Iowa), so it's not too painful, but I do have lots of memories of playing around his woodshop and house, messing around on his piano, and him building us wooden airplanes and ducks and things.

Joe thought it was amazing I still had a great grandparent. I'm 21 (very near 22) and still have all 4 grandparents. I'm thankful for that. Though one of my grandpas isn't doing well lately, because he chain smoked. *sigh* Stupid smoking.
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