Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Why Kenji and I are asses

Innertube Basketball season started tonight. We won! (well, the other team didn't show... so we scrimmaged against ourselves)

Hadn't seen eli in awhile, much less without a shirt on. I said, "Eli, you're running 5 miles a day lately? Gettin' a little chubby there... what's up with that?" He's like, "Oh, it's all muscle underneith." I laughed.

Later I felt a little bad for giving him crap. I mean, I know it's temporary. He's also been a stick, and he runs around fire fightin' in forests all summer, so he's all buff from that, but it's still an ass thing to say. I blame kailani for cooking too much for him!

Anyway, that's bad enough. But then as I'm telling Kenji how I felt bad about that on the way to the car he says, "Oh really? haha. ... I told him that too. In the locker room I said, 'Hey Chubbie!'".

We both felt really bad after that.

Sorry Eli!!!!!! :PPppPPpp

We know you'll work it off! :-)

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