Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Yay for registration codes!

Sample 1
Hey there
i downloaded one of the livejounalzips and unzipped it all and i am
STUCK! Can u tell me where to whack all that lovly code cus i am making a
website and i wanted that in it. tell me a simplton talk plz cus i have just
learnt html in the passed week.

Sample 2
I am pretty much computer illeterite, and i downloaded your thing on
livejournal for the registration code. than when i opened it, i couldnt find
the code anywhere. sorry to bother you, but can u just sort of tell me the
code? i'd really appreciate it. i'm not willing to pay for it and i dont
know how to find it. thanks for your time.
Emphasis mine.

Seriously folks, could I make up anything this real?

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