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Brad Fitzpatrick

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brilliant [Jan. 27th, 2002|06:32 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
(18:29:15) Opi's Ho iseebi: it was like 60 something today though
(18:29:25) Opi's Ho Iseebi: still cold for my liking, but everyone around here seemed to like it
(18:29:39) Me: it was 0 today
(18:29:43) Me: below
(18:29:49) Me: like -1 or -2
(18:29:50) Opi's Ho Iseebi: haha
(18:29:56) Me: CELCIUS, HIZZO
(18:30:03) Opi's Ho Iseebi: *GASP*
(18:30:06) Me: no, no...
(18:30:08) Me: 0 KELVIN!
(18:30:13) Opi's Ho Iseebi: hahaha
(18:30:26) Me: it sucked.... all molecules stopped moving
(18:30:34) Opi's Ho Iseebi: kinda like jello?
(18:30:48) Me: i think jello contains moving molecules. i'm not quite sure.
(18:30:53) Opi's Ho Iseebi: oh
(18:30:59) Opi's Ho Iseebi: i don't like jello

From: thp
2002-01-27 08:37 pm (UTC)
60 degrees (fahrenheit, presumably) is cold? WEATHER WUSS ALERT [points and taunts]
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[User Picture]From: righellis
2002-01-28 11:15 am (UTC)
that is cold in vegas... compared to the 115 degree summers...
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From: thp
2002-01-28 11:51 am (UTC)
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