Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Good ol' Chuck

Sometimes I forget everything that chuck does for Kenji and I. Every morning he's gone before Kenji and I wake up, but he leaves behind so many things that just say "I care".

For example,

He's concerned the house will be dark when we wake up and he doesn't want us to trip or run into walls, so he leaves the bathroom and kitchen lights on for us.

He's concerned we might get thirsty in the middle of our shower so he leaves a few glasses in there. Sometimes he forgets to leave us any liquid in those glasses, though. Oh well ... it's the thought that counts. I can't figure out why leaves us spoons in there, though.

He's concerned we might be late to catch the bus, so he leaves out a plate and butter knife, so we can make toast really fast without getting out our own.

Have I listed but three? Oh my, I could go on and on. Chuck's such a swell fella. But I don't want to embarass him in front of everybody, so I'll stop listing all his sweetnesses.

Plus I need to do two homework assignments.

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