Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


My mom thought I was dead or something because I hadn't posted in 24 hours. *gasp* Oh no.

So yeah, I'm alive. I think I'm happy or something.... maybe I don't need LJ to rant or something? :P

Highlights o' the day:

-- met with David Silver to discuss my research/paper stuff.
-- watched a bunch of Buffy. :P
-- this random girl with super sexy voice found out my number through somebody else and called me and wouldn't tell me who she was and made me guess and read me stories.
-- won our innertube basketball game (2 for 2!)
-- rebuilt a server with Evan. talked to some lady there working in same area about site. (hi, Victoria!)

Food highlights o' the day:

-- Kenji bought me a Slurpee
-- Kenji bought me a corndog
-- Kenji made my spaghetti

Food lowlights o' the day:

-- Kenji stole my chunky garden spaghetti sauce
-- Somebody stole a Dr. Pepper of mine (Update: Kenji)
-- Somebody didn't recycle either stolen container. (if they had, I wouldn't have even noticed it was stolen: hint hint, Kenji. :P)

But the corndog makes it all good!

And the best part of everything? Only one hour of class per day. Awwww.

I think I'll go watch more Buffy or something. Yih'.

Oh yeah, my birthday in like 4 days, too. :P

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