Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Got a ton done with Evan at Internap.
Feelin' good accomplished.

Now I just need to do some homework and/or sleep.
Tomorrow I have a billion things I wanna do.

Oh, just realized I can't go to bed quite yet...
Washed all my sheets today.
Need to make bed first.

Which means I should probably fold all my laundry too.
I love typing and wasting disk space with useless crap like this.

Yay for repetition in life. (sarcasm)
I hate grocery shopping lately just because of the repetition.
I find myself doing the same route.
Getting the same things. Every week.

Need adventure, change.
Or I should learn to cook more things. :P

Quesadillas for breakfast aren't good.
Cannon Beach bread is the best.
I ate 4 slices today.

It's raining.
I want to play Scrabble.
Never did finish NBGS.
So many unfinished/unrealized projects.

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