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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Heh [Feb. 11th, 2002|03:19 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick

The German National Tourist Office sent me a letter, saying they'd heard from the Goethe House that I'll be taking a course there and wanted to give me tons of phamplets and maps and info. Oh, and to "wish you 'good luck' with your studies". How nice.

Too bad the Goethe Institut hasn't yet sent me any info or a, say, bill. :P

Yay for the German Government being more on top of things than the private sector!

[User Picture]From: sahrie
2002-02-11 08:34 pm (UTC)
yay german gov't!

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[User Picture]From: sahrie
2002-02-11 08:35 pm (UTC)
oh ya, we have to go play pool sometime... i haven't played in SO long!!!
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