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G4 Laptop: Hell yeah

Just ordered one of these.

PowerBook G4 Laptop
667MHz PowerPC G4 @ 133MHz
256K L2 cache @ 667MHz
512MB SDRAM memory
30GB Ultra ATA drive
Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
ATI Mobility Radeon w/
16MB DDR video memory
Gigabit Ethernet
56K internal modem
1 FireWire & 2 USB Ports
Airport Card Included (built-in)
Mac OS X

How kick ass!

I got it for $600 off, thanks to an Apple employee & friends sale. I'll refrain from linking to him unless he gives me permission.

Can't wait to get it! It'll come while I'm at the Olympics. I leave in a half hour or so, dragging along my huge laptop with a screen too tall and base too deep to open on an airplane. *sigh*
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