Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Day 2: Skiing

Went skiing this morning with Chuck and Eli. We went to Canyon, if you know where that is. Absolutely rocked... wonderful runs, wonderful weather, hardly any people (weekday), great setup ...

Eli took some good pictures & movies that I suppose we'll upload later. 28.8 bps modem is too slow. I think that's all they can get up here in the mountains at Chuck's dad's house. I think we're at 8,000 ft or something... air's so dry. Very neat.

I stayed upright all day skiing except right at the end ... we were doing a big speed run on this outer run that just went forever. I saw Chuck go off this little jump and before I could slow down, I hit it way too fast and just beat the shit out of myself. Skis and poles went flying everywhere as I bounced all around. Now my left shoulder and side are sore, some muscle in my right back, my fingers, etc, etc... but it kicked so much ass! Every ski trip needs some good crashes. Something to remember the trip by. :P

Off to hockey game tonight ... Slovakia and France, perhaps? We're not sure. But first, dinner time. Leaving shortly.

Fun shit.

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