Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Putting it all in perspective

I was telling Kenji earlier,

One's todo list is never empty. You may think you have but five things to do, but those are only the give that are immediately of importance. As soon as they're done, suddenly a different five are now the most important, so they seem relatively important, compared to the infinite list of things everybody must do.

Everybody's todo list is infinite because there are an infinite number of dependencies to succeed in happiness (or "wellness", I suppose). I should graphviz my own as an example, but I'm tired and plan to sleep here in a second.

Think of happiness/wellness as the end goal node. As prereqs for that, I have "stay alive", "love", "travel", "learn", "toys", and "improve the state of things". travel and toys both require money. money requires education, as does learn (although I'm often not learning what I want to learn in this "education"). education requires classes.

And classes require taking a 5 point quiz tomorrow over some vocabulary I'm too apathetic right now to care about.

A thousand years ago, the depedency tree before "stay alive" was a lot more involved. Nowadays it's pretty hard not to die, and we spend all our time on relatively unimportant shit, in the grand scheme of things.

I wish I could work on eliminating subgoals within my todo dependency graph that had less depth from the root goal than I'm working on lately. That is, I wish I could work on things that directly affect "improving the state of things" (aka. "change the world") instead of all this school stuff.

But in 3.5 weeks I'll be done with school, and then I have no clue what I'm doing. I wish the Goethe Institut would contact me back already. I need to figure out where I'm going to live and such.

So really, the next 3.5 weeks are pretty important: I have to write those two LJ independent study papers to graduate. I know that's important... graduating. But then I have no solid plans after that, so it's hard to work towards a goal when I can't see the goals that lie beyond.

Anyway, now I sleep. I'll study tomorrow, perhaps.
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