Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


March 9th - 12th: SXSW conference, Austin
March 15th: 2,155 payment due to Goethe Institut (1-888-4GOETHE, cc payment)
March 16th, Sat: German final, 8:30-10:20, Denny 212
March 20th: Pack boxes of small stuff.
March 21th: Music final, evening. Done with school. Then drive to Portland after that with boxes.
March 22nd: Fly to LA for LJ Party.
March 24th: Back to Portland.
March 25th: doctor/dentist appointments, before Germany
March 26th-30th: move shit from Seattle to Portland
April 2nd - May 30th: Language program in Dresden (Germany)

Then, I can apply for a visa while I'm there, to stay longer if I want. Or I come right back to Seattle or Portland.


Feel better now with all this figured out. It was all a potentially-overlapping haze of events before.

Things to do before Germany:

-- make sure Seattle LJ posse doesn't need me for anything
-- make sure I can do all LJ development on my TiBook
-- graduate
Tags: lang

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