Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Thoughts of the day

WMs giving hints to VM
I wonder if any OS lets the window manager give it hints about which processes are in use by which windows are minimized or on a different desktop. I'm not proposing the page replacement is done in user space by the WM ... I'm saying that if the VM has two processes hogging the same amount of memory and it needs to swap one out, it could have more information from the WM regarding which would be a better choice. It could even be an unprivileged thing ... any user could give VM hints. The information would only be used in a case where the VM would have otherwise picked randomly between processes to swap out.

(before I get bitch slapped: yes, the VM swaps out pages, not processes... but you know what I mean. it'd prefer to swap out pages of a minimized process over an open one, all else being equal.)

But it probably wouldn't matter... having a window open on the screen means your mouse is probably moving over it from time to time en route to other places on the screen, and thus it's getting messages from the windowing system, eating more CPU, and the VM could use that info instead, if it were so inclined. In the end, it probably wouldn't make much difference, but it might make for an interesting research project or something.

Level of inflection in language affecting rap
English has very little inflection. German has tons. It'd be neat to look at a number of languages with different levels of inflection and analyze rap music from that culture and see how it affects it. Would languages with more inflection use a smaller percentage of their vocabulary in end-sentence rhymes? I really have no clue. This would also be an interesting research project.

Note that I don't have the requisite skills to even begin either of the two projects. They're just interesting.

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