Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Entscheidungen machen

Während meiner Perioden der Selbstprüfung frage ich mich, ob ich mehr Entscheidungen gemacht haben sollte.

Heh ... who am I kidding? :P

During my lapses of introspection I often wonder if I should make more choices. The only real choices I can remember making over the past few years are what fluff classes to register for each quarter. But that hardly seems life-altering. Perhaps there just really haven't been that many choices to be made.

This is one reason I'm so excited about my decision to go to Germany. I realize I can do whatever I want. That totally kicks ass. School has bound me so. I can't await for my release and subsequent entry into the world of freedom.

I just hope I have enough energy (motivation) to keep finding and doing interesting things. Lately I've been so drained. I blame the repetition of everything. Need change.

In other news, I need a massage. I'm incredibly sore and I don't know why. My run the other day, perhaps? That'd be pathetic, if that was the cause.
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