Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

keyboard remapping

I find this little gem, uControl, which is a kernel extension for OS X that inserts its own fake instance of IOHIDSystem in front of the real IOHIDSystem, so it can intercept and change keyboard messages.

Problem is, the author hard-coded in how he wants his keyboard to behave. I have my own preferences.

I'm remapping CapsLock to Fn, Fn to Control, and LeftCmd to Alt (er, Option). That way the keyboard on my TiBook matches my other laptop and every other keyboard I've ever used.

This wouldn't have been necessary, but doesn't let you use Cmd as meta, and that's where my finger is. And my finger keeps thinking Fn is control.

Okay, back to modifying kernel code! (that sounds more hardcore than this really is ... change ifs around. but hey. :P)

Fuck: LeftApple and RightApple are exactly the same key as far as the OS can see? Hey ... Key Caps utility confirms that. Okay ... Small Enter is now Fn! I like that more anyway.

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