Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Kick ass. :-)

So what prompted me to do this whole keyboard fuck was me pressing Apple-Q on accident instead of Alt-Q. I meant to format the paragraph (emacs keybinding), not close the whole damn application (macintosh thing).

So I went on my few hour sidetrack, succeeded, and then went to log back into my other laptop to work on my paper. (since I haven't built xsltproc for OS X yet)

I type:
$ screen -d -r

So now I'm right back where I was a few hours ago when I killed my session on accident. I started editing my paper and once again press Apple-Q.

But... this time I fucking win and the paragraph reformats.

I'm not sure what the most wonderful part of this story is:
  • i solved my problem
  • i did my first ever apple programming & kernel programming --- at the same time
  • screen fucking rules (still). thanks, yiyi!

Unfortunately, the 'Fn' key is magical. My remapping for it only works on keys that don't have Fn contexts. So for control-K and control-U I have to use the real Ctrl. But for everything else, things be rad.

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