Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


that was an awesome bike ride. did about 9 miles. hit 2 parks. so many people were out and about walkin', runnin', roller bladin', bikin', you name it.

i hurt my left butt bone though ... getting off my bike onto a bench at one park, my foot was still stuck in, and i was already leaning towards the bench so I just kinda plopped onto the hard bench ass-bone first with my bike still attached. it'll heal.

there were about 6 billion hot girls out running. one in particular gave me a big smile. i was thinkin' i should've locked my bike up to a tree and ran with her. yupyup. (you know you can type "yup yup" on a nokia phone by just going 987 987? yup. :P)

hmmm... now what?
Tags: bike

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