Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


getting a new SIM card for my old cellphone is $50. ouch. guess i'll give in. i want a phone for austin.

bought a wrist brace. hard to type. no type + no cellphone = little communication = ... weird.

music concert (for class) was kinda boring at parts tonight. and i wasn't feeling too well throughout, so that didn't help.

fixed some computer related things that had been troubling me for awhile. but i won't go into details.

i just went to crawl into bed but discovered i had german homework due tomorrow. write a letter to the president of UW. let's see how much crap i can pull out of my ass:
Liebe Präsidenten von UW,

Ich weiß, daß Sie viele Briefe bekommen werden, so bleibe ich diese Brief kurz. An Ihren Stelle würde ich Schule kündigen, weil sie mir nicht gut gefällt. Vielleicht würden Sie sie wenigstens leicher und kurzer. Oder mehr interessant. Zu oft ist sie mir langsam. Vielleicht ist der Grund, daß ich in der Nähe des Endes bin. Jetzt bin ich müde und muss ins Bett.

- Brad
Dear President of UW,

I know that you'll be getting a lot of letters, so I'll keep this short. In your position, I'd cancel school because I don't like it. Perhaps make it easier and shorter at least. Or more interesting. Too often it's boring. Perhaps the reason is that I'm nearing the end. Now I'm tired and must go to bed.

- Brad
that works.

i really am nearing the end. only 5 days of class left. ever.

night, all.
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