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Brad Fitzpatrick

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what.. the.. fuck... ?? [Mar. 7th, 2002|06:46 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
It snowed a bit this morning. That was odd.
Then it was just cold. That was understandable.
Then it got sunny! I bet it was still cold. I didn't check.
Then it got dark, but very dry. I went to Safeway.
I came home, ate, and went upstairs to throw away my trash.
I look out the window and what do I see --- the whole city is white!!
The roofs, the park, the cars, the streets... all white.
Covered in snow.
It did that all while I ate! I don't eat slow.
What fucking month is this?
Any cuddly girl want to come over and wrap up in a blanket by the fire and drink eggnog?


[User Picture]From: patrick
2002-03-07 11:17 pm (UTC)


I think so.
Someday, I'll have my own place and I'll make it work!
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