Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


austin's pretty cool so far. tomorrow's the big big day... the panel i'm speaking on, the LJ party, etc, etc.

my laptop absolutely rocks. use the built-in airport at the conference. use the built-in modem here in the hotel room (signed up for earthlink... a good modem service is a good thing to have). used Word & Excel to do some mail merge from an excel file I generated from a text file of invite codes we're giving away at the conference. use the compact flash adapter in the pcmcia slot to get pics off people's cameras (mine and scott heiferman's). etc, etc. good purchase. lovin' it.

just wish the hotel room had high speed internet. it said on the hotel selector thing on the SXSW page that this hotel had both "Internet access" and "Data port in room". since the sheraton i stayed at in san diego for OSCON had ethernet in the room, i assumed this one did too. but alas, the "data port" is just an analog phone connection over their digital phone system. but i guess that's better than nothing. if i want high speed net access i have to go reserve a conference room or something lame. and they're closed most the time. but there are 4 wireless networks being run at the conference.

stalking spikelessspike was funny. she worked the LJ booth with us for awhile earlier too. heh. the LJ party tomorrow night's gonna rock.

oh, met Evan Williams of blogger again... he's a panelist also, giving a talk on "generating buzz". blogger certainly is good at that. better than LJ. he asked me how things were with LJ... i said, "pretty good, we finally got our shit together with the DB". he said, "yeah, I read about that. you're a step ahead of me." i asked, "oh, you having problems scalin' your database right now?" he said they were, and he'd started to split things up a bit. kinda weird to think people read what i write. :P today i'm only sporadically using capital letters too. fun, huh?

hanging out with Brian Aker most the time. talk tomorrow is with him and another slashdot guy and Austin Swinney of

guess i'm going to bed now. refrained from partying too much tonight... still screwed for sleep from last night and traveling. meeting Scott Heiferman tomorrow for breakfast. he's cool. he's the dude that took the picture of spikeless. i wonder if it'll make his photo of the day? :)

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