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Brad Fitzpatrick

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... wanting to be home

Funeral/wake/reception/procession/etc were all pretty cool.
I'm happier now for my grandpa.

I haven't had a good night of sleep in quite awhile.
My inbox is overflowing.
LiveJournal is desperately in need of love.
Have a billion and one things to do.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Mac and OS X?
Now that the keyboard is sane, there's hardly a thing I dislike about it.
I have five billion "Locations" setup, one of which is "LeMars - Pionet".
Neither AOL or Earthlink have local numbers in this town.
Everybody uses the one local ISP. So I got somebody's password.
Next time I'm in Iowa I'm hooked up. Heh. :P

Been working on my LJ paper a ton.
But not enough. Still have tons to write.
And I have, what? Another two days or so?

Itinerary for next week:
Seattle, tomorrow.
Work on paper / finals.
Portland, go to doctor.
Fly to LA for LJ bash.
Back to Portland. Drive to Seattle with trailer.
Move bedroom into storage in Oregon.
Apr 1: off to Dresden.

Busy busy.

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