Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Hi I will tell you about my day now

I guess I woke up early today. All evidence points to an awakening at 8:42 am.

When did you wake up today?
$ perl -e 'print scalar localtime(time() - `cat /proc/uptime`), "\n";'

Anyway, let me tell you something about waking up at 8:42 am and thinking it's 11 am. After my shower and obligatory dressing, I sought out food. But there was no food to be found! See, things don't open until 10:00 (subway) or 10:30 (world wrapps) or 11:00 (mcdonalds not breakfast) or whoknowswhen (safeway deli lady).

So I got trail mix and drank iced tea.

I did work on my paper quite a bit. But then it was so beautiful outside I mowed the lawn and unplugged our flat roof's drain pipe, because those are both fun for me for some reason.

So now back to paper, I guess. Just about done. Wanna finish it and then go on a bike ride, I think.
Tags: bike, perl, tech

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