Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

portland. things be good.

oh what I wouldn't give for a day of immunity from speed laws. but it was still a fun drive... doing 80-90 the whole way. could've done without the fear of cops, but there were a ton of others on the row doing the same speed, so it was cool.

got home and parents helped me unload the car. ate some tapiocca (sp?) pudding, drank some iced tea, hooked up wireless base station.

yup.. things be good.

i just shaved, took a long shower, cleaned my ears, brushed my teeth, ... cleansed myself of any potential residue i might have picked up from my time in the formal education system. my soul and body are now togetherly clean, at last. togetherly... yay for making new words. :P

flying to LA tomorrow afternoon. hooray.
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