Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

hi hi

I'm here. I'm alive. I've been awake for... 30 hours now?

Awesome flights. Awesome day.

The setting: Dresden, Germany.
The cast:
Judith (calliste) -- my English translator
Tony (tigerentchen) -- so funny. looks sooo much like evan
Nina (dninawars) -- Tony's girlfriend. Speaks Latin, but no English.

First plan trip was cool... Lufthansa rules. I thought it was just because it was an international flight, but the second Lufthansa legged ruled too. Sat next to German people and talked to them and stuff. Heh. And in the airport... "Wissen sie, wo eine Bank ist? Ich brauche Euros." Heh.

See cast above. We all walked around the city like 5 times all over and went to tons of coffee shops and churches and parks and stuff. I can't wait to start running around here... tons of cool places.

MUSS ERFORSCHEN! (neues wort für mich!)

Pizza's on its way. Then I think it's sleepin' time. See above.


P.S. I will refrain from German in this journal. If you want to laugh at me, add bradaufdeutsch to your friends list.

Tags: lang
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