Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

So breit in the head.

How did I forget to post about this?

Thies, Judith, and I went to this club the other night and went down into this "chill room" with fake trees and a green light and leather couches and stuff. Then this dude and his girlfriend come in and start kiffen-in' (rauchen is "to smoke", kiffen is "to smoke weed"... judith was proud of her language having a word for that, until I told her we did too: "to toke"... booyah).

Anyway, the guy was funny, speaking half German and half English.

To be stoned is "breit sein". He was saying, "I am SOOO breit in the head. I go now höher, where the music is."

Tags: lang

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