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Brad Fitzpatrick


A huge portion of the first hour and a half of class today was a few students fighting with the teacher over her teaching style. (they think she talks too fast and doesn't explain grammar well enough or something?) Personally, I think if they could fight for all that time in German, they're doing well enough. I can understand most everything, but can't speak worth shit, compared to the fighters. Anyway, one of the girls then started crying, and about 10 minutes later the break came.

I was absolutely pissed off that I wasted 90 minutes with that. Seems class is getting increasingly boring. One girl sits and plays with her hair the whole time. Maybe I understand why now. I started playing with the strings on the end of my sweatshirt.

Or maybe I'm more pissed off that Internet access is still so hard. I probably should be at home, working on that company thing I made.

Little things like seeing "Wash me" written in German on the back of a dirty car used to tickle me. Or listening to babies talk. But it's getting kinda old.

I need to find the damn basement too. Several pieces of paper I have say that there's a Waschraum im Keller, but I can't find the damn Keller, and I'm running out of clean clothes.

Must... stick... it... out. Things'll get better. I'll start learning something in class. I'll find a good net cafe, or repair Michael's lame-ass http-proxy-only one. I'll do my laundry.

Anyway, off to meet classmates for drinkin' soon now. hooray! (the people, as usual, are the best part of anything....)
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