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Friday: 8:48 pm
This morning sucked, but it got better. I skipped the last fifth of class today (1.5 hour, 1.5 hour, 45 minutes) and took the street train aways to a McDonalds I knew of. Was getting sick of only having Döner shit around. For realz, the only food anywhere close in Turkish. Think we have lots of 7-11s in the US? Not uncommon to see 6 or 7 Döner places right next to each other around the Neustadt center here. Crazy. It's good, but so is variety.

After that, took the bus to Judith's, but she was at my house when I was at her house. So we met up in the middle and went to the Goethe institute to steal coffee and get on the net, but the computers (shitty, btw) were all used (as they always are). So we found a new net cafe that doesn't suck! They actually do IP Masquerading and don't use HTTP proxies! And it's somewhat close (two streets away), if you take the shortcut through a bunch of buildings and don't walk around.

After that (lovely intro to paragraph), we made pizza and fries in my oven, I did dishes, and Judith figured out how to turn on my heater, so I don't have to freeze all the time. I ran out of time on "my" (Tony's) Handy (cellphone), so I got a new card, while Judith snickered in the corner of the store while I talked in German to the lady working there.

Judith went home. I went to the grocery store and bought 2L bottles of iced tea and coke. I hacked the planet for a number of hours.


Judith's on her way over, then we're off to an Absinth party / art exhibition / goth music thing. Heh.

She might've invited other people. I ran upstairs to invite Brian (from LA) but he wasn't there. I called Tony (tigerentchen) but he has a test tomorrow morning at 8am. (heh... I talked to him in bad German and he talked to me in bad English... es war lustig. :P)

Will continue this post later, and maybe find some of that Internet somewhere.

Saturday: 11:16 am
Woke up this morning and went to Pilrnsishaigia Platz to this bagel breakfast place then over here at Judith's now, stealing her Internet. Mwahahah. BBQ tonight at Peter's.

Until then, 8 hours to hack the planet.... with Internet access!
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