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Went to a BBQ with Judith and ~10 of her friends last night. And then to this girl's birthday party with the same 10 and another ~10.

And everybody spoke in German, of course. And I understood maybe 20%. Sometimes 30%.

Highlight: some girl (whose name I forgot) started a conversation with me (pity?), but in English:

"where come from?"

After that we switched to German, and another girl (whose name I forgot) joined in. Little things like that are so cool. It wasn't a deep conversation, but it worked.

Still, not sure if I'm heading home or not. I'm meeting with Tony's dad tomorrow night. I have a ton of work I want to be doing, and though I've done tons the past two days at Judith's place, it just makes me realize how much more I could be getting done.

Lots of things are getting easier: figured out laundry, know the bus system like the back of my hand, etc...

Will see.
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