Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

fuck you german internet

letäs review my internet options and see how thez all suck, shall we_

option 1Ö use the internet from mz bedroom. oh, canät, because i have no telephone connection because the telekom wonät hook it up. perhaps if i paz mz housemeister for a few months in advance_ dunno.

option 2Ö use it from the goethe institute. oh, all those computers suck a dick and are alwazs in use bz other people; like 24ß7.

option 3Ö go to judithäs place, but sheäs not home now, and itäs a long walk anzwaz.

option 4Ö come to this stupid internet cafe )the onlz damn one where i can use puttz, mz ssh client=, but where the fucking kezword lazout thing is locked from me being able to change it, so i canät fucking tzpe correctlz.


i can see in mz mail that i have 2000 patches to applz to LJ but I canät work on it because 1= i canät plug in mz ethernet from mz laptop here )stupid net cafe= and 2= i canät tzpe on this fucking kezboard fast enough to staz sane.


so frustrating. thereäs some partz in 20 minutes or something at somebodzäs wohnung but iäm in a pissz mood. i should go buz some beer and get drunk. but that wonät help mz inbox.
Tags: lang

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