Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


(05:58) Sherm: sup?
(05:58) Brad: hacking the planet
(05:59) Sherm: w00t
(05:59) Sherm: so you found a reasonable net connection?
(05:59) Brad: very nice
(06:00) Brad: at the place i study
(06:00) Brad: i found their switch
(06:00) Brad: and found how to get to cmd.exe to type ipconfig /all
(06:00) Brad: and get their gateway address
(06:00) Brad: and DNS servers
(06:00) Brad: brought my wireless base-station too
(06:01) Sherm: heheh right on
(06:01) Brad: best part is...
(06:01) Brad: my power adapter supports up to 250V, but the plugs don't fit
(06:02) Brad: so i bought one adapter, but it didn't fit wall-warts
(06:02) Sherm: hehehe
(06:02) Brad: so i had to chisel at it with finger nail cliippers for half hour
(06:02) Sherm: HAHAH
(06:02) Brad: but i got it now
(06:02) Sherm: quality
(06:02) Brad: it looks it too
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