Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

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At Judith's now, waiting for Chinese food to arrive.

Went running earlier... got lost, found some cool areas, and found my way back home.

The party last night: very cool, because I finally got to meet a lot of people in my class more. And earlier in the day I went with Ray (from Scottland) to a museum.

But back to the birthday party. Lots of wine. Wine drunk feels a lot different from beer drunk, which itself feels a lot different from, say, tequilla drunk. Wine drunk I'd have to say is the best.

I should've been wine drunk before the girl from New York whom I hadn't met before starting talking to me. It sucked: not only was she insanely cute, but her German was 10x better than mine. Talk about intimidating. And to make it worse, I made the tragic mistake of straying off the path of "small talk only" and tried to express a real though using German, but it didn't work at all, and the result was insanely awkward. I knew I could've resorted to English, but that'd have been worse.

But besides that, the party was awesome.

Need a new book. Finished 1984 the other day (soooo good) and have been bored since. Books complement public transportation wonderfully, during both the waiting and the riding.

Class is alright. Not great... still a lot of stupid fighting. Our teacher's a little hostile.

Tried to do laundry today in the basement which I couldn't find before (it's locked), but somebody else's stuff was down there, so I'm doing it tomorrow. Yay for clean clothes again! I don't like my housemeister... he's smelly (few people are here, but he is), and he speaks waaaaay too damn fast for me to understand anything.

I'm not putting a load of effort into the whole language thing as I haven't much of a reason. Everybody but me it seems has a wonderful reason: either they'll be studying at TU-Dresden soon, or they have a signifigant other that speaks German. The people that are coming here to get their master degrees just blow my mind-- they speak, say, Russian and some English, then they come here to learn German just for a few years of school, then they go home. (!!!) So why am I doing something half-ass? I wish class was better.... *shrug*

Food is here! After this, going to Peter's to use his Lötkolben (soldering iron) to make a little modification to my other laptop's power plug. (cutting off one end and putting on the European end, which I bought at the oh-so-awesome Electronic store here....)

Oh yeah, food.

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