Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Brad, the bad person.

This is long, but funny, so hold on.

So, this girl has been mailing me on & off for weeks, as well as replying to my journal, all with totally bizarre stuff that doesn't have anything to do with anything. Sometimes sending me blurry photos of fields with fingers of the lens, etc. I just don't get it.

Last night she continued posting clueless stuff in my journal which said, essentially, "Oh, you use mod_perl? Here are some links to CPAN, since you're probably interested in Perl and freeware."

One: I know CPAN. I live CPAN. I breathe CPAN.

Two: Hearing the term "freeware" anywhere around Free software pisses me off. Even though the Artistic License is closer to "freeware" than, say, the GPL, it still gets to me. Free software. Two words. Capital F. Libre. Freiheit. Freedom. Not Gratis. Not Kostenlos. We should change English.

So, I had enough of the lunacy. I banned her. I had nothing against her, but it's my journal, and it's for people that either 1) interest me, or 2) are my friends.

whitaker tells me she's been freaking out to him on AIM all day. Then she replies to me: (and of course, to two email addresses, like always, so I get double the bullshit mail)
Subject: uncool how u blocked me!


I just want you to know that you really hurt my feelings last night by blocking me in your journal for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON whatsoever! I couldn't write back to your friend in there and just ended up deleting what I had posted. What on earth did I do wrong? All I did was post some links on CPAN! Does that warrant not being allowed to post in a livejournal????? I thought I was being all kind, nice and sweet since livejournal is written in perl, etc. Someone might have found that material to be useful. But you banned me for no reason and hurt my feelings -- you who is interested in culture but have given NO THOUGHT to my geographical location.

I am from NYC -- where the twin towers went down along with 3,500 people dead. And my feelings are very sensitive. On this side of the coast people are very up front about how they interact with other people. Here, it is not acceptable to just silently be "banning" people. We talk out our feelings with each other -- because the next thing we know -- suicide bombers hit planes like the twin towers in passive aggressive behavior not telling us that anything was wrong in the first place!

That is the entire difference between the east and west in this country: the east is up front to the point of what the west consider's to be rude. And the west is so not up front and does sneaky things behind your back (such as not liking you and maybe pretending to like you or blocking you in a livejournal without telling you that you did something wrong.)

Brad -- this behavior -- it will cause problems with people. It might be acceptable behavior out in Seattle. But it has hurt my feelings! I am sorry if I upset you with those CPAN posts. I thought I was doing something nice and sharing.

:( I am really upset. You've really upset some girl out in NYC where those towers went down. And I am a kind, caring, sweet and loving person. What did I do to deserve that? What? It ruined my entire night. I have enough problems with my father having kidney failure and getting blood transfusions from the hospital as it is. But that -- when you did that it made me want to just cry.
You're pyscho. (Was that upfront?)
Tags: perl, tech

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