Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

apartment or house?

lingerd totally totally rocks. i can't believe it's not more popular.

god i'm glad i made this site sometimes:

went out to dinner downtown with parents, and checkin' out apartments. but not sure what I want to do: cool apartment, or home loan. an apartment is just throwing away money, and it's more furniture i have to move when i move out one day. it'd make sense just to get the house as soon as possible. it ain't gonna be a great house, but as long as i get one that's easily resellable, i could upgrade later using all the money i've already put into it as a down payment on the next one.

in any case, i'll go check out apartments tomorrow again, and see if i fall in love with anything. i might do an apartment for ~6 months or something, and start the house thing after that.
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