Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Hell yeah

For the past ~4 hours I've been rearranging and rewriting BML.

I didn't even try to perl -c it until about an hour ago. About 5 minutes ago it got syntactically correct. (I was using perl -c to point me at the next uncompleted area, after I got the major structure down.)

Anyway, after it became syntactically correct I thought, "No way in hell this can work... let's see." Start tailing the error log... restart webserver... hit a page. Error. I start thinking: Yeah, this is gonna take awhile.

Fix the error (trivial). Restart. Reload. Prepare myself for the next error.
But, no... it just works. How cool is that?

Oh, there are still a billion things I want to do (like always), but it's basically done.

Best things: learning new APIs & cleaning/killing old, ugly code. At the same time? Bliss. :)

Think I'm going to go running. Time to get off my ass.
Tags: perl, tech

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