Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Slept in Eli's room last night, since he was out of town.

Woke up, did some work.

Got hungry... went to get food.
But need to go get my car first...
Car was still at Dante's. (free parking)
Go to get food.
Oh, no cash.
Go to ATM machine.
Umm... where's my debit card?
Oh, left it at Dante's last night.
Go back to Dante's.
Eat. Be Merry.

Now at Internap.
Servers shipped, but rackable screwed up the shipping address, so UPS couldn't deliver them. Rackable added an extra 0 to the address at some point. Some of their database has 140 4th Ave (which I told them), and some has 1400 4th Ave (which they told UPS).

So for the meantime I'll use the free internet here at Internap and do some work until I hear what's up with UPS. I might have to go pick them up, or wait until tomorrow.

Debian on PPC is so cool.... don't appreciate portability until you see it. So cool I can just apt-get install logjam and it works. Or anything, for that matter.

Weather is no longer sunny. Saturday & Sunday rocked, though.

Okay... back to work.

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