Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Life really is great without school. Driving back from the beach this morning I had to wait 15-20 minutes in front of a construction guy holding a stop sign while a big claw machine moved debris into a dump truck.

The guy in front of me was all pissed off, waving his hands, shouting, and finally spun a U-ie (sp?) and drove off yelling, flinging gravel with his spinning wheels. The construction guy called in his license plate.

I moved up and just waited, listening to music, appreciating the weather, and watching the construction.

And I drove home at a safe speed. Uncommon.


But now I'm home and my mom starts enumerating a dozen things I have to deal with, the most unpleasant of which includes writing a resume which the cyber liability insurance people are now requiring to have on file. Totally pisses me off. I work for myself... I shoudln't have to write a resume.

Email's piling up ... certain people aren't doing things they said they would ... I have 20 projects to do and not sure which to start on ... *sigh*

Now that I'm back in Portland I need to re-start the house search.
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