Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

housed out

Looked at a ton of houses today with my mom. Totally housed out for the day. Getting a lot more ideas now, though.

The underside of my right arm is hurting, between my wrist and elbow... my shitty disk is too high. I'm straining my arm weird to type. I've switched to my laptop on a different table.... all is comfortable now. And here I have sunlight and birds.

Rearranged my bedroom a bit the other day. Considering moving the other computers in here. Not sure... laptop might be okay. Will try for a few days.

Star Wars was good. Luke sure had a sexy mom.

Loving Advanced Perl Programming. Lot of things I'd do before but were a little afraid of I now understand and feel more confident with.

Going up to Seattle this weekend. A contract inspector for the cyber liability insurance company called this morning, trying to find our site. It took my mom awhile to realize he was driving around Seattle looking for our building. She told him we were in Oregon, and that he wouldn't be able to get into Internap to look at the servers because it's all secure and shit. So I'll show him this weekend, which isn't why I was going, but it's convenient. He has to verify we have shitloads of servers before the company will insure them.

Speaking of which, I need to write that resume. You know lists 3 valid spellings for the word resume? If I had input support working in Debian I'd type the graves, or if I had the LJ emacs client installed. I can type rad characters easily in emacs.

Nick and I are joining the gym tonight after work, in stark contrast to our usual "where is $1 or $2 beer tonight?" routine. I've been there before... it's pretty cool. Fun machines. And lap swimming pool. Sure do love swimmin'.

Tags: perl, tech

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