Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

surgery fun

Before I went to Germany I had to get a mole removed because it was possibly melanoma-ish. To be safe, they took a bigger chunk necessary because I wouldn't be back for awhile and if the lab report came back positive, they wouldn't be able to go in and take more out.

So today I had to go in for my follow-up, which I'd understood from my mom meant just looking at the scar and talking to me and stuff. I get in there and they hand me a consent for surgery form.

"Um, no, I think this is the wrong form. I already had surgery... this is my follow-up."

"Oh, you don't know? We're removing a larger area now."



So I wait in the room forever and the doctor comes back and explains. The test didn't come back positive or negative. She handed me the pathologist's report to read, which stated at the end:

"Excising would be prudent."

Then she proceeded to explain both the words "Excising" and "prudent" to me. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Can I leave now?

So she said at one point my options were to either 1) remove more to be "200% sure" we got it, or 2) just watch it for awhile.

About 15 seconds later she said I could either come back later to get it removed (when I was more "mentally prepapred") or do it today.

What happened to option 2? I don't want surgery again. It's not painful, but it's annoying as fuck .... I can't do anything for two weeks now.

But I guess my health insurance is running out, I didn't want to go back again, and they weren't giving me many options, so I said whatever and had it done.


Just what I wanted today. And it's made all the better by the fact that I'd forgot about the "check-up" appointment until 20 minutes before its time.
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