Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Quick News

Just because I know you all care, here's some quick news: Got a new monitor, it rocks. The old one sucked. Fixed my DVD video (it was a little grainy) and now it's wonderful. Still haven't gotten my good soundcard, should get it today. Getting a faster processor today. Upgrading from 350 MHz Pentium II to 400 MHz Pentium II.

Oh, and since you care about me too, and not just my computer... here's some other news: Umm... uhh... all my friends are off to college. I did hang out with (=FR mikesheley|Mike FR=), (=FR ryanhofer|Hofer FR=), and (=FR tav|Tav FR=) last night; that was pretty cool. We went to (=AL|Applebee's AL=) for some appetizers and drinks. "Smoking or non-smoking?" Non. "You all over 21?" Heh. Sure, lady.

Oh yeah, it's (=FR dina|Dina FR=)'s 18th birthday today... be sure to wish her a happy birthday! I'm going over to her house for dinner and stuff. Anyway, back to doing nothing.

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