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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Productive Morning [May. 31st, 2002|08:42 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
What did you do between the hours of 4 am and 8:35 am?


  • let the LJ translation team search
  • put Gentoo on a spare computer. ("spare" as in, "1 Ghz with 260 GB of disk space")
  • made a quick patch for opi
  • learned ssh-agent (= rad)
  • had coffee
And now, it's 8:38 am and I'm considering a project for the day.

I'm thinking I'll go get that flatscreen I've been wanting forever. (where "that" is defined as "one which I've yet to find since my research always ends prematurely") And then I'll find a mini-case online (or in town?) that has no fans or hard-drive bays and I'll make a super-silent net-boot computer for the other room. All I really want's an X Client.

Or I'll get sucked into LJ work.

Or go back to bed. (no... must resist)


[User Picture]From: mart
2002-05-31 09:02 am (UTC)

Between 4am and 8:35am BST I... (in no particular order)

  • Made a new version of mIRC-LJ, for some reason
  • Read some stuff on USENET
  • Started to write a program to index files available on SMB shares and FTP servers on the student accomodation LAN here at my uni.
  • Watched the movie "anti-trust" (I ❤ DivX)
  • Wrote a patch for LJ which I never submitted. (perhaps another day)
  • </li>

Between 4am and 8:35am PDT, I...

  • Slept

My sleep pattern is off again. *sigh*

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[User Picture]From: mart
2002-05-31 09:03 am (UTC)

Oops... forgot my point.

Why is it that it's so much easier to be productive at night?

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[User Picture]From: brad
2002-05-31 09:10 am (UTC)
No distractions.
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